Air Conditioner Removal Service

Weatherwall Air Conditioner Removal

Your new split system can be fitted exactly where your old system was.

There are no more drafts from the old machine.

Your wall will look fresh and clean, like new.

Air Conditioner Replaced

For a fast reliable air conditioner removal service, in Sydney, Newcastle and the
Central Coast, call Warwick on 0410 593 544 today.

Room Air Conditioner Pull Out

The old wall mounted air conditioner is removed from your wall, and taken to metal recyclers.

The large holes through the brick wall have been repaired with new bricks, and cement to match the existing.

I can also match cladding or fibro cement.

In ten years of doing this on the coast, I have not found a wall that cannot be matched.

I do still quote every job individually, and of course my quote, suggestions, and advice is free.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Removal, Central Coast

Phone Warwick today, on 0410 593 544.

Removed Air Conditioner Unit, Newcastle Australia



These bricks are an old calsil brick and were supplied by the owners from bricks found around or under the home.

They are damp in this photo to the right, but they will be an exact match in a few weeks, when they have properly dried.

Alternatively, customers can supply one sample brick, found from around the home, and I will source the bricks.


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